Our Partners

Thank You to ALL Our Partners

The Xcape Dance Company is an elite group of dancers, performers, and educators dedicated to entertaining audiences, inspiring the people of our community, and providing top notch instruction in dance and movement art. Members of Xcape Dance Company are instructors at Xcape Dance Academy, volunteers in our community, leaders in our unique after school programs, creators of free community dance workshop events, and innovators in our preschool dance program.

With their high energy, thought provoking, and inspiring performances, Xcape Dance Company has been honored with the opportunity to perform in Los Angeles’s most recognized choreography showcase, as the select dance company featured for the University of Oregon in regional commercials, print ads and bus ads, and at several live performance events. The award winning members of Xcape are dedicated to pushing the envelope in their dance training, in the content of their shows, and in their definition of excellence, providing not only quality entertainment, but endless enrichment opportunities for our community.

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“There’s a strong need for culturally affirming educational resources to inspire and support our youth in Lane County, especially those in areas that have limited transportation,” Many youth are physically isolated in addition to feeling culturally isolated. The NAACP youth programs address these important needs, which enrich youth and help them meet their potential in Lane.

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The Arts ad Business Alliance is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. Through vision, leadership and service, the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of the Eugene community by acting as a catalyst for the creation of dynamic partnerships among the arts and business sectors

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Create! Eugene, a project of the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene, is a month-long celebration of the arts in Eugene and all of Lane County. Create! Eugene has assisted Mega Production with marketing and outreach to help inform youth and their families about programs.

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The W.O.W. Hall is owned and operated by the Community Center for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to: Providing cultural arts and educational opportunities for all ages and income levels, Preserving and operating the historic Woodmen of the World Hall as a multipurpose community arts center, and Maintaining a supportive environment for local artists and their creative efforts. We give special thanks to the team at W.O.W. Hall for hosting Mega Production workshops and providing such an excellent venue for youth education in performance.

Our Mission

Give direction, Guidance and Purpose to students n the Performing Arts. We giving scholarships to students in our competitions yearly. Reach One Teach ONE!